What kind of work are you looking for?

Which city do you want to work in?

Know what you want?

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Finding a place to stay


You will have several options, staying with a friend, staying in a collective, renting a small one room apartment( called hybel in norway)

The prices are considered high, ranging from 4000kr to 8000kr  per person.

These are usually small apartments suited for students.

Click here for online links for apartment databses.

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Where to begin

Obviously by emails from your country, it all depends on motivation, there is always demand for work and lots of applicants to choose from for potential firms in need of new workers.

A face2face will always be the best way when looking for work, this of course is not always possible. This is where your CV picture comes in.

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  • What kind of work are you looking for?
  • How hard are you willing to work?
  • Do you have the experience?
  • What are your personal limits?
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  • Grab work in 1-2-3
  • How employers think.
  • Seeing the future.

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