Jobseeker registration advantages

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As a candidate, one of your goals should be to find the best job possible for your qualifications. In many occasions the best candidates CV is never read by the employer. A chance to catch the eye of the employer is not only important, but also a necessity.

By registering your CV on CVNorway, you are able to show your skills, expience and your CV in a professional and interactive way. Our free service gives the candidate the tools to not only upload or make a CV but also present it in a way that is easy to understand and makes you more easy to reach.


Registration on CVNORWAY

You can register your candidate account by using your existing Facebook, Google+ profile or by filling the profile fields.

As a candidate, you are free to choose if you want your information published or accessible only to employers. By choosing a  public profile, your chances of being found will increase considerably, as many employers are today looking for candidates on job databases.

You can whenever you wish remove your listing or delete your account, which will remove your listing from our site completely.


Preparing your CV and presentation

We give you many options to present yourself to employers. You are able to upload profile image, CV and other documentation which becomes readily available for download. This will give you the option to send a direct link to your CV when you send an application.

With the ever increasing scam mails pretending to be a job seeker, spreading around infected files as CV, many employers are very careful on opening email attachments. By uploading your CV on our site, you give the employer a safe way to see your application and in addition, can present yourself directly on our site.

Many job portals offer candidates to upload their CV and make a profile, but if you are looking for a job in Norway, our indexing service is unmatched, as we post all content witch Rich snippets, which increases the way search engines understand information provided by our site, which makes it easier to get the right content easier to find by the searcher.


One site, one presentation

When looking for a job, it is easy to get lazy, but filling out all possible fields may be the key to finding your dream job. A fully filled candidate profile on CVNorway gets up to 300% more views. So do not forget to add your skills, profile picture, experience and most important of all a CV 🙂


Good luck with your search 



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