So you have set Norway as your work target, here are some of the questions you may get in the interviews. Many of the Norwegian employers are receiving a ton of emails and CVs with resumes attached mostly everyday. It will be wise to prepare for the types of questions you may get.

There are many questions a norwegian employer has no right to ask by law, such as:

What is your relationship status?

Are you planning to have children?

And other deep personal questions.

Even if you have the right to not answer such direct personal questions, it is not always so wise to confront the questions, but rather sincerely reply that you dont think it has anything to do with the work. Remember that interviews is a dance, if you step on your partners toes too often, the dance will be over pretty fast.


  • What kind of work experience do you have? payed or unpayed.
  • Why do you think your previous jobs is relevant for this position?
  • What have been good employment situations for you?
  • What has worked well / less well?
  •  What type of workplace do you like to work at?           
  •  What sort of tasks do you like?
  • Can you begin working / take on an activity right away


  • What have been good ways for you to learn?
  • What has worked well / less well?
  • What has been most interesting to learn?
  • What are your thoughts on further studies?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How well do you cooperate with others?
  • Why we should choose to hire you?



27. juli 2018