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Driver’s licence from EEA/EU countries can be used in Norway.

If you want to settle in Norway and you come from a country outside the EEA/EU, there are different rules for changing your driver’s licence depending on the country you come from.

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Monaco, New Zeland, San Marino, South Korea, USA

If you are coming from one of these countries: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea or the United States, you can exchange your driver’s license for a Norwegian driving licence after you pass a practical driver trial. You must replace your foreign driver’s licence within one year of your registered resident of Norway. If you seek too late, you must conduct compulsory training and pass the theoretical and practical driving test. The trade-off must be completed within two years from the Norway of permanent residence.

Japan, Switzerland

If you have a driver’s license from Japan or Switzerland, you can switch to the Norwegian driving licence without taking a practical test. You must replace your foreign driver’s licence within one year of your registered resident of Norway.

Other countries outside the EEA

For all other countries outside the European Economic Area, you will not be exchanged a foreign driver’s licence for a Norwegian driver’s licence. To obtain a Norwegian driving licence, you must carry out compulsory training at a traffic school and then pass the theoretical and practical driving test. You can only use your foreign driving licence for 3 months before you can switch to a Norwegian driving licence.


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Car importation rules for Norway

Here you can read about the importation and rules for the use of car and other vehicles in Norway.

As a general rule, vehicles should be registered in the country where the owner resides, but in certain cases you can use the foreign-registered vehicle in Norway. If you live in Norway you must apply for a driving permit using a foreign car. This applies to all types of vehicles, including trailers and caravans. People who are resident abroad or have a temporary stay in Norway can use the foreign vehicle in Norway. This includes mainly people who

  • Commuter to Norway
  • Working Abroad
  • living with a spouse or children under the age of 18 years abroad, or
  • visiting Norway as a tourist

Permanent residents of Norway, as a general rule, cannot run a foreign vehicle in Norway. However, there are a few exceptions.

Temporary stay in Norway

If you stay in Norway temporarily, you can use foreign-registered vehicles for up to two years.

Up to one year

Should you reside in Norway for up to one year, you can use foreign-registered vehicles without applying for a driving permit. You must at all times be able to document that your stay does not exceed one year from the time of entry. The entry time refers to the time you travel to Norway, not the time the vehicle is introduced. Documentation that you are temporarily residing in Norway may be

  • Employment Contract
  • documentation of the assigned study site
  • Spouse/Family member documentation on the duration of the length
  • papers showing that you should return to work abroad
  • documentation that you rent your own property abroad

Up to two years

Should you reside in Norway for up to two years, you must apply for a temporary driving permit for the second year. Guests are required to document that their stay is no more than two years from the time of entry.

Remember that you need to apply for a temporary driving permit within one year counted from your entry time. In order For your stay to be considered temporary, you may not have stayed or been registered in Norway for more than 365 days during the last two years prior to your entry time.

Rules for use of foreign-registered vehicles in Norway (

Application for temporary execution permit (

Driving rules in Norway (State road system)

Moving to Norway with vehicles

You can apply for a temporary driving permit for foreign vehicles for up to 14 days when moving to and from Norway. You must document the move in the form of a relocation certificate, employment contract, or other relevant documentation.

If you are going to take a foreign vehicle with you when you move to Norway, you must import the vehicle and pay customs duties and taxes. This is true regardless of citizenship and where you move from. The tax administration has its own guide on how to import your vehicle into Norway.

Form of temporary driving permit for foreign registered vehicles (tax…

Vehicle insurance

Winter tyres and Summer tyres

Speed limits

Vehicles registered on Svalbard

If you are a resident of Svalbard and are going on vacation to Norway, you can apply for permission to use the vehicle. You may be granted a driving permit for up to three months per calendar year. Before you bring your vehicle to Norway, you must apply for a driving permit for the temporary use of Svalbardregistrert vehicles.

You must pay the annual fee for the vehicle. Please note that if you move to the mainland, you must declare and pay fees for the vehicle.

Request for driving permit form on Svalbard (

Use of a Norwegian vehicle in another Nordic country

It is not necessary to register a Norwegian vehicle in another Nordic country if your stay in the country lasts for a short period. How long you can drive with a vehicle registered in another country varies from country to country.

You can run a Norwegian-registered vehicle in the country of your visit if your stay lasts less than 12 months in Sweden, less than 6 months in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands and less than 3 months in Greenland. If the stay and use of the vehicle exceeds the specified time, the vehicle must be registered. In some cases, a permit may be required to run the foreign vehicle and it is recommended that you investigate before travelling. Responsible for registering vehicles in the other Nordic countries are:

Please contact the Norwegian Public Roads Department for more information on changing your driver’s licence.

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