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Norwegian authority

Arbeidstilsynet  - Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

Finanstilsynet  - Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

Helsedirektoratet  - The Directorate of Health

Luftfartstilsynet - Civil Aviation Authority – Norway

Mattilsynet - Norwegian Food Safety Authority

NOKUT -Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education

Politidirektoratet  -National Police Directorate

Sjøfartsdirektoratet - Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Utdanningsdirektoratet - Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Vegdirektoratet  -Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Finding work in Norway can be quite the challenge. If you have a bachlors or masters degree, it will definatly help your search. Many of the Norwegian empoyers look for norwegian speaking workers, and the swedish who come to Norway to earn more, are definatly a good option.

There easiest to find jobs are: Bars, restaurants, cleaning, transport and shops.