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  • How do i bring… 5. March 2020

    RULES AND HOW TO MOVE YOUR GOODS ALONG WITH YOU TO NORWAY Commonly asked questions to Norwegian customs on Households - import when moving to Norway If you have lived abroad continuously for more than one year, you may bring..

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  • Where can I apply… 5. March 2020

    Here is how to apply for a offshore job in Norway   There are a number of companies you can apply for. See an overview of companies within drilling, catering, ISO and boat at . See also the overview of..

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  • Where can i get… 5. March 2020

    This is how you get yourself a norwegian phone number. Sim cards can be bought in: Elkjøp 7-eleven Telehuset You will have to bring a valid ID card, which is passport, norwegian bank card with picture, EU drivers license along..

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  • Embassies in Oslo, Norway 2. March 2020

    The following embassies are present in Oslo. To get the most upto date information on active embassies, visit (Norwegian goverment).     Mission Telephone Telefax Email Website Postal address Afghanistan 22 12 35 70 22 12 35 71

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  • Get a norwegian bank… 1. March 2020

    How can i get a Norwegian bank account? To be able to open a bank account in Norway, you will first need to obtain a D-number. When you have your d-number, you can apply for «minID» which is an online..

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  • Drivers license in Norway 10. December 2019

    For updated information see EEA/EU Driver's licence from EEA/EU countries can be used in Norway. If you want to settle in Norway and you come from a country outside the EEA/EU, there are different rules for changing your driver's licence..

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  • Religions in Norway 10. December 2019

    In Norway as of 2018, 69.9% of the population are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as compared to 96% in the 1960s. Kevin Boyle's 1997 global study of freedom of religion states that "Most members of the state church..

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  • Endless Scroll 7. January 2019

    CvNorway offers endless scroll technology on job postings. This allows you to see similar job listings on the same page by scrolling downwards.  

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  • Jobseeker registration advantages 1. August 2018

    As a candidate, one of your goals should be to find the best job possible for your qualifications. In many occasions the best candidates CV is never read by the employer. A chance to catch the eye of the employer..

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  • How to write a… 10. May 2018

    Writing a good CV may be crucial for getting the job you want. We give you some pointers to make sure your CV lands you an invitation for a interview. Your CV is your stats and accomplishments and is one..

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Can i work in Norway?

Citizens of EU counties may apply for work permit. Check if your country is eligible at

How expensive is Norway?

Although the the average income is among the highest in the world, Norway is expensive. A few examples in 2020: Houserent for 50m2 apartment is beween 10-14.000NOK, a soda costs 25-30NOK, 0.5lier milk 17NOK, bread 25-30NOK.

Is medical care free in Norway?

Acording to helsenorge: Everyone living in Norway has the right for needed health and social care services.

Can i apply for job from outside of Norway?

Yes you can. Make sure you are eligible for work permit first. For skilled workers, you are required to prove your qualification, usually by diploma, accepted by UDI.

How long must i work for citizenship?

In order to apply for a permanent residence permit, you must have held a residence permit in Norway for at least three years and meet certain other requirements. See