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How to write a…

Writing a good CV may be crucial for getting the job you want. We give you some pointers to make sure your CV lands you an invitation for a interview. Your CV is your stats and accomplishments and is one of the first things an employer or recruitment agency will look at. The form and the way you present yourself will have a key role in your employment. Surveys show that employers spend less than 18 seconds on each CV, so it is important to have a tidy and clean CV resume. When seconds matter, a simple spelling error, can get your CV in the trash bin. We've gone through many résumés and will share both our collected experience, and feedback from employers.   So what is a CV and what does it mean? CV is a short acronym of curriculum vitae, in Latin, and is used along with curricula..

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Jobseeker registration advantages

As a candidate, one of your goals should be to find the best job possible for your qualifications. In many occasions the best candidates CV is never read by the employer. A chance to catch the eye of the employer is not only important, but also a necessity. By registering your CV on CVNorway, you are able to show your skills, expience and your CV in a professional and interactive way. Our free service gives the candidate the tools to not only upload or make a CV but also present it in a way that is easy to understand and makes you more easy to reach.   Registration on CVNORWAY You can register your candidate account by using your existing Facebook, Google+ profile or by filling the profile fields. As a candidate, you are free to choose if you want your information published or accessible only to employers. By choosing..

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Endless Scroll

CvNorway offers endless scroll technology on job postings. This allows you to see similar job listings on the same page by scrolling downwards.  

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Religions in Norway

In Norway as of 2018, 69.9% of the population are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as compared to 96% in the 1960s. Kevin Boyle's 1997 global study of freedom of religion states that "Most members of the state church are not active adherents, except for the rituals of birth, confirmation, weddings, and burials. Some 3 per cent on average attend church on Sunday and 10 per cent on average attend church every month." Other religious groups operate freely and people are also free not to be affiliated with any religion or life stance. Approximately 17.4% are not members of any official religious or philosophical communities, while about 12.7% of the population are members of other religious or philosophical communities outside the Church of Norway. Catholics and Muslims are each about 3% of the population and have been rising in numbers in recent years. About 1.8% of the population lists..

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Drivers license in Norway

For updated information see EEA/EU Driver's licence from EEA/EU countries can be used in Norway. If you want to settle in Norway and you come from a country outside the EEA/EU, there are different rules for changing your driver's licence depending on the country you come from. Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Monaco, New Zeland, San Marino, South Korea, USA If you are coming from one of these countries: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, South Korea or the United States, you can exchange your driver's license for a Norwegian driving licence after you pass a practical driver trial. You must replace your foreign driver's licence within one year of your registered resident of Norway. If you seek too late, you must conduct compulsory training and pass the theoretical and practical driving test. The trade-off must be completed within two years from the Norway of permanent..

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Get a norwegian bank…

How can i get a Norwegian bank account? To be able to open a bank account in Norway, you will first need to obtain a D-number. When you have your d-number, you can apply for «minID» which is an online digital ID. You can then contact the bank you wish to use, and here is a few of the banks in Norway: Dnb, Nordea, Sparebank1, Sbanken, Gjensidige.   D-number is a temporary identity number that can be used for several purposes, such as accessing or getting a bank account. To get the D-number, you must apply for a residence permit from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). You can then apply for a d number from the tax office (skatteetaten). You will need a work contract and place to live, for more information, visit and fill out the online form to find the requirements for your situation.  ..

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Embassies in Oslo, Norway

The following embassies are present in Oslo. To get the most upto date information on active embassies, visit (Norwegian goverment).     Mission Telephone Telefax Email Website Postal address Afghanistan 22 12 35 70 22 12 35 71 Postboks 4050 AMB 0244 OSLO Algeria 22 55 75 31,  21 60 88 30 22 55 75 30 Sigurd Syrs gate 2 0273 OSLO Argentina 22 55 24 48/49, 23 27 32 00 23 27 32 01 Postboks 4085 AMB 0244 OSLO Austria 22 54 02 00 22 55 43 61 Postboks 4014 AMB 0244 OSLO Belgium 23 23 92 20 23 23 92 32 Postboks 4012 AMB 0244 OSLO Bosnia and Herzegovina 22 54 09 60 Postboks 4038 AMB 0244 OSLO Brazil 22 54 07 30/43/44; Postboks 4083 AMB 0244 OSLO Bulgaria 22 55..

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Where can i get…

This is how you get yourself a norwegian phone number. Sim cards can be bought in: Elkjøp 7-eleven Telehuset You will have to bring a valid ID card, which is passport, norwegian bank card with picture, EU drivers license along with you D-number if you are not a norwegian citizen. Cards can also be bought online from mobile subscription companies such as: Talkmore Onecall Lebara Telenor Telia Tele2  

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Where can I apply…

Here is how to apply for a offshore job in Norway   There are a number of companies you can apply for. See an overview of companies within drilling, catering, ISO and boat at . See also the overview of OLF's member companies, and also follow up on NAV, staffing agencies and other portals with vacancies. How to increase the chance of getting a job offshore? If you dream of a job offshore, you may have been told that the easiest way to get a job is if you already have offshore experience. It may seem hopeless, but it is not. There are several ways in, and keep in mind that most people employed offshore today have previously been in your position. Here are some helpful tips for you looking for a job offshore.   Know what you're doing Remember that while it can be beneficial with a lot of..

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